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Smt. Kalavati Sathe 


Smt. Kalavati Sathe was Yashaswi’s grandmother and her first Guru. Her father worked with Kirloskar Drama company and learned harmonium from Pt. Vinayakrao Patwardhan. Smt. Kalavati Sathe also learned vocals at Pune Bharat Gayan Samaj, along with Smt. Manik Verma, veteran Kirana Gharana vocalist. Yashaswi started her harmonium lessons from Smt. Kalavati Sathe from the tender age of 2.5 years. Her parents Mrs. Lalita Sathe, father Mr. Dattatray Sathe supported a lot in her musical journey. It always gives the inner strength for her music. 

Yashaswi Sirpotdar Guru.jpg

Pandita Padma Talwalkar 


At the age of 5 years, Yashaswi was fortunate enough to get accepted as a disciple by Vidushi Padma Talwalkar. Though Yashaswi was youngest among the other students studying seriously from Padmatai at that time, the Talim was strict and rigorous without any concessions.


For many years, the morning Riyaz, which took place at 6 AM sharp, consisted of practising only Shadja for couple of hours. Yashaswi continued to learn under her tutelage for more than 30 years. After being accepted as a disciple by Padmatai, Yashawi gave her debut performance at the age of 15 years at Gurupournima of Pandharinath Nageshkar in Girgaum. To grace the occasion, many stalwarts like Pt. Firoz Dastur, Nageshkar Ji, Padma Tai, and Pt. Suresh Talwalkar were present.


Yashaswi’s grandmother was full of proud after a fabulous performance by Yashaswi and immediately met Padmatai asking her about how Yashaswi performed. Though Padmatai liked her student’s performance, she told Yashaswi’s grandmother that it was the first and last time she was praising her young student. As the training continued, Yashaswi completed her B.A. in Economics and Visharad in music side by side. IN this period, she participated in multiple music competitions and won accolades.


Apart from rigorous one on one Talim, Yashaswi has also accompanied Padmatai in more than 300 concerts. This has resulted in the further refinement in her art and has lead to an understanding of subtler nuances of Ragas and performance. Throughout her musical journey, Yashasvi has been inspired by music of many legends and has aesthetically blended their specialities in her music. Yashaswi has not only had strong Talim, but has also enriched her music by her own thinking and contemplation.


Though a performer of highest caliber, Yashaswi believes that her journey in the world of music is for her satisfaction and solace.